Step 1 Making a Complaint   

On-line Complaint Form   

Step 2 Mediation   

Sample Letter for Written Request   

Step 2 - Mediation

If you don’t like your insurance company’s proposed settlement, the next step is mediation.

To start the GIO mediation process, call, e-mail or fax GIO with the details of the dispute. A customer services officer will be assigned to your file and will ask you to sign a Mediation Registration form or submit a written request for formal mediation This request may be sent by fax or mail.

The customer services officer will help you select an independent mediator from a list provided by the ADR Institute of Canada Inc., or, in Québec, by the Barreau du Québec. Once all the necessary documents have been received by GIO, the mediator will facilitate a 90-minute discussion session between you and your insurance company representative.

During this session, the mediator will act as a neutral third party to help you and your insurance company resolve differences in an informal and confidential environment. If you and the insurance company still disagree or cannot resolve all of the issues, the mediator will prepare a report with recommendations that are not binding on either party.

If you have concerns about the fairness of the mediation process, ask your GIO customer services officer about a process review.


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