Step 1 Making a Complaint   

On-line Complaint Form   

Step 2 Mediation   

Letter for Written Request   

Step 1 - Making contact:
Contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada

Disagreements between insurance companies and their customers are usually fairly straightforward to resolve. Problems often arise over something as simple as a misunderstanding. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), with offices across the country, provides a service for customers and insurance companies to work out these problems before they become more serious.

If you have a problem, the first step is to contact IBC to determine whether it can be resolved with a phone call to your insurance company. It is often possible for a problem to be easily resolved at this stage.

If the matter can't be resolved, IBC will put you in contact with your insurance company's complaint liaison officer. With that person, you will follow the company's formal complaint handling process. This process will most likely involve the clarification of the issues in dispute and the facts of the case, as well as the exchange of any relevant documents. At the end of the process, the insurance company will send you a final letter of position explaining how it plans to resolve the complaint.

If you aren't satisfied with your insurance company's proposed settlement, you may ask GIO to arrange for mediation. Before contacting GIO, you must first have tried to resolve your problem with your insurance company.


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